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Jean Melvin, Jewellery Designer

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My work is influenced by an eclectic source of experiences over the years. My parents were great supporters of the arts and always encouraged and supported my sister and I in our varied creative pursuits as we were growing up.

I completed a B.A. in Fine Arts History and a Diploma in Education at UBC in Vancouver. I also completed an M.A. in Art Education and Administration at the University of Oregon.

Constant influences and enrichment for my work in jewellery design have also come from my participation in many workshops and courses over the years (pottery, etching, print making, silver smithing and textile design), extensive world travel and a respect and appreciation for the designs in nature and the environment.

About the product

I work with semi-precious stone, various metals and other natural materials to create one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. The cultural and ethnic source of the stones, metals and materials used in each piece are often reflected in my designs.

Wherever possible, raw materials are sourced from small Fair Trade or worker-run cooperatives. This enables and supports artisans in developing countries to receive a fair wage for their work.


My studio is located in Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. I’d love to hear from you. Contact me here.